4 Wine Rooms Just Short of Bottled Poetry

Regardless of preference for cabernet or pinot, these nine wine rooms have something to suit every wine lover’s tastes. As the 2015 harvest comes to a close, we invite you to indulge in these delicious wine cellars from Coldwell Banker listings.


The 1,000+ bottle wine cellar in this Laguna Beach property listed by Tim Smith is perfect for an oenophiles extensive collection and is almost a work of art.


We’ve heard of home libraries before, but a wine library? The expansive cellar in this Montecito property listed by Susan Conger & Barbara Koutnik is a true collector’s dream.


The temperature controlled 4,000 bottle wine room in this Corona Del Mar property listed by Georgina Jacobson & Pallie Jones brings new meaning to ambiance.


The wine cellar in this Los Angeles property listed by Joyce Rey & Dan Glaser oozes luxury and masculinity with arched ceilings and luxurious leather arm chairs perfect for lingering over a tasting.