5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day

CBIOiStock_000067726505_LargeThey love you unconditionally, keep you motivated to stay fit, and certainly don’t judge your cooking. We’re talking about dogs of course, and there’s no better time to praise the main pooch in your life than National Dog Day. Celebrated annually August 26, National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige. The day is designed to recognize those special furry family members who keep us safe and bring us comfort while also bringing awareness to all the dogs that need to be rescued. Here are five ways to celebrate man’s best friend today.

Adopt a Dog

Earlier this year Coldwell Banker® launched the “Homes for Dogs” project aimed to find forever homes for 20,000 dogs. Together with our friends at AdoptAPet.com, we’ve achieved approx. 17,000 adoptions—that’s a lot of wagging tails. Find your new best friend today at CBHomesforDogs.com.


If you’re not in the position to adopt, you can always lend a helping paw at your local shelter. Offer to walk or play with a dog, clean cages, or anything else they need help with. You can also donate blankets, food, and toys to a number of organizations.

Pamper Your Pooch

Every hound deserves some special spoiling. Plan a beach day, spa treatment, or buy those fun squeakers you’ve been eyeing at the pet store. Any extra affection will go a long way with her furry friend.

Photo Contest

Forever immortalize your fur baby by entering your dog to win the title of National Dog Day “Cutest Dog in the World”. Through midnight tonight, post a photo of your dog to this page and other social media with the hash tag #NationalDogDay and #DogDayCutestDog.

Safety Check

Make sure to do a check of your home to ensure your pup and others are safe and sound. Especially during summer, the pool can be a dangerous spot so it’s important to brush up on the proper safety measures before you take that first doggie paddle.