Cavallo Point Lodge: Beauty by the Bay

Set in the awe-inspiring Marin Headlands, with breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and the majestic Golden Gate Bridge is a magical place called Cavallo Point Lodge. Located on the grounds of Fort Baker, a former army base, and surrounded by mature California Redwoods and fragrant Eucalyptus trees, Cavallo Point Lodge is truly a California treasure. Whether you choose to walk, hike or bike around the area exploring the rich history and enjoying the great outdoors, you are naturally infused with stunning views and eye popping vistas from nearly all points of the property.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Golden Gate View Suite. Photograph by Steven Rothfeld

Cavallo Point Lodge is a unique California property offering two very different lodging experiences – beautifully restored historic rooms located around the original Parade Ground, or modern accommodations up the hill. Historic rooms feature vintage architectural details (tin tile ceilings), large well-appointed bathrooms, spacious and cozy furnishings. While modern rooms are bright and luxurious with bamboo built-ins and sliding doors that open out to a sitting area overlooking the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Lodge is also a leader in environmentally friendly architecture, and is LEED Gold Certified. The property pursues a number of green initiatives and partners with community groups in the area that share its mission. No matter which style of lodging guests choose, they are guaranteed stunning views, superb attention to detail and first class amenities.

Golden Gate Bridge view from Cavallo Point. Photograph by Michal Venera

Whether you are looking for a quiet retreat to unplug or a base for an outdoor adventure, you can find a myriad of activities at Cavallo Point Lodge to create your own California experience unlike any other.

Cavallo Point offers an array of complimentary services and activities including a 24-hour Fitness Center, daily wine bar and tasting, shuttle to San Francisco and Sausalito, amazing Marin Headlands Nature Hikes, and access to special art exhibits – current installation is the legendary California photographer and environmentalist – Ansel Adams: American Landscapes (a must see). If you want to venture out and explore the adjacent towns or wine country, Cavallo Point Lodge has partnered with Lexus and offers a fleet of Lexus SUV’s at your disposal.

Other unique and fun activities offered at the Lodge are specially themed cooking classes with the delightful and talented chef Tony Adams at the Cooking School (make a reservation they book up fast!) or a historical tour of the grounds with the charming and very knowledgeable “on site” historian Brit Thurston (I highly recommend this) – or treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment and/or massage at the deluxe, ultra-modern Healing Arts Center.

As your day unfolds at the Lodge, the sun sets as the Golden Gate Bridge peeks over the majestic California cypresses on the edge of the San Francisco Bay; it’s the perfect time to gather around the outdoor fire pits with family, friends – reflect and immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you at Cavallo Point Lodge, a California Style retreat uniquely its own.
Fun Facts About Cavallo Point:

  • Hundreds of weddings are held on the property or at the non-denomination chapel, but never on the Parade Grounds (the12-acre park that sits prominently in front of the Hotel’s lobby) due to permit restrictions. However, there was one private person, President Bill Clinton in 2014. Team Clinton obtained the permit to land his helicopter on the Parade Grounds for a special event being held at the property – talk about making an entrance.
  • Fort Baker, set on 45 acres of national parkland was an army post built at the turn of the 20th century and the historical buildings at Cavallo Point are designed in a Colonial Renaissance style.
  • In an effort to preserve the authenticity of the property, thousands of vintage “tin ceiling tiles” throughout the Hotel and historical guest lodges, had to be removed, due to the lead paint. The initial removal process was too toxic for the employees, however a female historian architect working on the project came up with an idea to remove the tiles one by one, number each one (so they would be put back in their original place) and freeze them; – once frozen she snapped the tile and the paint popped right off. Needless to say several portable freezers could be seen dotting the property.
  • The modern hotel units are intentionally designed to look dramatically different from the historical 1900s Colonial Renaissance guest rooms, due to a requirement of the historical preservation committee, that anything new built on a historically deemed property could in no-way resemble the old.
  • There are 45-50 cozy Adirondack chairs scattered around the property, making for a great place to unwind with a good book.
  • The beautifully restored historical buildings were initially homes designed with a Victorian Family Feeling, built to encourage the military officers to bring their families to live on the base.
  • The stylish wispy grass that is planted prominently throughout the grounds is called “creeping red fescue” and is part of Cavallo Point’s green initiative.
  • Cavallo Point is a favorite creative retreat for Silicon Valley titans like Twitter and Google, and is host every spring to the Lexus Culinary Classic event.
  • Thanks to legislation written by Congressman Phillip Burton and signed by President Richard Nixon, Fort Baker, Army post became National Parkland and was officially handed over in 2002 to the National Park Services.
  • Mother Nature abounds – Cavallo Point Lodge is home to the Mission Blue Butterfly, a native to the San Francisco Bay area; the butterfly has been declared an endangered species by the U.S. Federal Government and found only in 6 locations, one of which is Fort Baker.
  • The two restaurants (Farley Bar & Murray Circle) located on the property boast delicious, organic “farm-to-table” dishes and all produce, poultry, fish and beef are sourced locally. The acclaimed Murray Circle restaurant serves close to 800-1000 meals just on a weekend!
  • There is an actual “small jail” at the entrance of the property. Back in the day, the military would hold unruly officers there.

Hero image- San Francisco view from Cavallo Point. Photograph by Kodiak Greenwood

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