Coldwell Banker Stands With Orlando

budge-huskeyHaving been born just outside of Orlando and, over the years of my youth, seeing the magical place it would become as so many talented and diverse people were drawn to the area, the horrific events of this weekend hit close to home.  For a moment, the place known around the world as a destination for happiness and innocence became the epicenter of hate.  Whether described as the latest act of a terrorist or an unspeakable hate crime, there’s no doubting it was fueled by a deep-seeded rage against the LGBT community.

As a society, in so many ways we have come so far in understanding and welcoming others regardless of how they rightfully love or live their lives.   But in this time, I am reminded of just how far we have to go and that there is a heavy price for the intolerance and hatred voiced by the ignorant that spurn others to senseless acts.  This simply should not happen in an enlightened culture.

On behalf of the entire Coldwell Banker network, please know our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families, friends, and loved ones, and that we, along with the entire LGBT community, will stand together to fight evil and raise awareness so that we need never witness such tragic circumstances again.

We stand with Orlando.