Coldwell Banker’s Smart Content Marketing Strategy

The rise of the smart home has brought not only new technology to marketplace, but also a dramatic change in how we buy and sell real estate. Smart home technology is quickly becoming an expectation rather than just a bonus, especially among Generation X and Generation Y. In a strategic move, Coldwell Banker started weaving smart home technology content into the company’s marketing strategy to provide an educational space for the consumer side, industry, brokers, and sales associates alike.

To support the strategy of educating the masses, Coldwell Banker’s national “Blue Matter” blog and regional blog, Coldwell Banker Inside Out, showcase the new developments in smart home field. Beyond the blogs themselves Coldwell Banker relies heavily on the power of social media, especially video. In addition, Coldwell Banker also built a tool into its website dedicated to educating consumers on new technology products, highlighting suggested brands.

Coldwell-siteIn January, Coldwell Banker sent a team to CES where they were tasked with producing content from a smart-home perspective, including ‘25 Smart Home Technologies that Matter Most to Home Buyers.’” This content attracted CNET, later leading to a partnership between the two brands and further cementing the 109-year-old real estate giant as a leading voice in smart home technology.

As part of the partnership with CNET, Coldwell Banker will have a branded content page on the media site and additionally serve as the exclusive real-estate sponsor of the CNET Smart Home in Louisville, Ky. In addition, Coldwell Banker and CNET will hold educational classes at the Louisville smart home, where brokers can learn about smart-home technology to better prepare for a new wave of homebuyers.

What’s more, next year Coldwell Banker will be one of two official sponsors of the Smart Home Marketplace at CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

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