Dallas Keuchel Finds Down-Home Comfort High in the Sky

Last week, we hung out in Heidi Watney’s urban retreat.  This week, we are heading down to Houston to step inside the home of one of the best pitchers in baseball.

When Dallas Keuchel isn’t breaking bats (and the hearts of opposing fans alike), he is relaxing 26 floors above his place of business: Houston, Texas.  While the hustle and bustle of downtown works for game days, Dallas wanted a place away from the craziness to unwind after games down the road or across the country.

Wrapping around from living room to bedroom, Dallas Keuchel’s patio is the place where he can hang out after another dominant performance and overlook his kingdom.

The lefty hurler then shows off his incredible range in decorative taste.  There aren’t many homes that can pull off both art from nationally recognized Houston artists, and Disney stuffed animals.  But Dallas’ does. (With his “wild” beard, can you guess to which Disney character his girlfriend likens Dallas?)

Find your kingdom here.