Designing an Idyllic Outdoor Space

By Prime Gardens, Inc.

More and more, homeowners are recognizing that landscape design should consider the entire property—the approach, the driveway, the entry, the style of the home, the size of the property and the lifestyle of the owners. Plantings and hardscape need to complement the design and style of the residence and manage concerns such as slope and soil composition. Today, more than ever, water conservation is part of the plan, opening up new possibilities for drought-tolerant plantings integrated with permeable pavers and pathways.


Southern California’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle is inspiring homeowners to look toward landscaping that is designed for entertaining and comfortable living. Much like the “great room” found inside, today’s patio is a generous space that allows cooking, dining, lounging and other forms of entertainment. Hardscape with spectacular rock work and hand-set paving stones surround custom outdoor kitchens and expansive decks.

Each element of the garden should be part of the plan—walls and fences, fountains and gazebos, shade and filtered light, play areas and vegetable gardens. At Prime Gardens Inc. we help homeowners dream of their life outdoors, and then we use only the finest quality materials, sound horticultural practices and the latest technologies available to make that dream come true efficiently.

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