Home Gym Inspiration

Familiarity breeds contempt, so those with home gyms shouldn’t be blamed for feeling contemptuous for using the same old treadmill and free weights in their daily workouts. A good way to freshen up that stale daily routine is to consider the latest equipment for your in-home gym. Here’s a few gaining popularity in physical fitness circles:

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Trade in your dumbbell for a kettlebell

Kettlebells, black cannonball-shaped weights with thick handles you hold onto, are becoming more popular and versatile options to your typical dumbbell and barbell routine. With an off-centered weight, a kettlebell targets muscles through a wider range of motion than possible with isolation exercises using traditional dumbbells and barbells.

Switch to a workout alternative

Alternative motion machines are a combination of an elliptical machine, a traditional treadmill and a stair stepper. Suspended pedals that allow you to adjust your stride and height are meant to imitate walking, running or stair climbing but with the low-impact benefits of an elliptical. They offer a cardiovascular workout – such as provided by those other three machines – but incorporate more natural movement with less pounding. More importantly, this machine can help you deal with contemptuous boredom by allowing you to switch movements instantly.

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Roll your way to mobility

Made of foam, but also available in rubber and wood, mobility rollers relieve muscle tightness and are said to be a good way to finish off an especially tough gym workout. Also known as foam rolling, this technique applies pressure to specific points on your body to help muscles recover to their regular elastic function, ready to go at a moment’s notice. Best for large muscle groups where knots form, such as hamstrings and glutes, the rollers also help increase circulation to those areas.

Nothing gets rid of the gym tedium better than a new piece of equipment for your workout routine!