Houseplant Appreciation Day

With the holidays behind us, festive greens of the season no longer adorn the house, filling it with warmth and cheer. Keep that happy atmosphere well into the new year with the beauty of other types of greenery. January 10 is Houseplant Appreciation Day (who knew?), and there’s no better way to celebrate our potted pals than with the purchase of a few fronds to spruce up our living space.

Whether dressing up your home for yourself or for potential homebuyers, nothing says welcome like some carefully selected and placed houseplants. They bring the outdoors in, which first and foremost cozies up a room and helps dispel any winter doldrums. An empty corner is brought to life (literally!) with a full and vibrant fern or palm.

Not limited to wintertime, the calming, therapeutic effects of plants are proven to make a difference the whole year through. It’s a fact that foliage generates oxygen, and we all know that a breath of fresh air is always a good thing. Luckily, varieties that act as particularly effective air purifiers also happen to be quite lovely:

  • ENGLISH IVY is a classy climber that loves indirect sunshine when kept indoors.
  • A slow-growing succulent, ALOE VERA is known to possess a wide array of healing properties.
  • For a touch of bright, vivid color, GERBER DAISIES are the way to go.
  • SNAKE PLANTS are attractive, super easy to care for and tolerate low light very well.
  • You don’t need a green thumb to make a pretty PEACE LILY thrive.

Once you’ve chosen the right plants for your layout and growing conditions, get creative with containers to introduce interesting hues and textures to a room. Flower pots can act as the ideal accent pieces to truly complement your existing décor and, in so many wonderful ways, their leafy contents take things to the next level.

This January, take full advantage of the good vibes that houseplants can provide. They will make your house feel more pleasant, hospitable and friendly – the kind of place anyone would be happy to call “home.”