How To: Make Your Living Space Eco-Friendly

By Julia Mark Brill of Maison Chic 

While the rest of the country is getting wet weather this summer (hail in New England and flash floods in the Midwest), once again California suffers from a water shortage. The desert isn’t ideal for landscaping and it can be hard to curb water usage.

Here are a few tips to stick by in order keep your space looking chic while keeping the environment in mind.

  1. Jump, set, spike. The oldest trick in the California garden book is cacti. These succulents require very little water and thrive in our desert environment. With a variety of shapes and sizes it is easy to find a cactus that suits your garden and keep your landscaping looking trendy and low maintenance.
  2. Drip, drip, drip. The next tip is to install water-saving showerheads and low-flow faucet aerators. Finally an excuse to get the rain showerhead you always wanted. Even in your shortened shower you can escape the desert heat and feel like you are stepping into a waterfall. Try turning the water off in between soaping up and shampooing, and set a timer and try to shorten your shower time.
  3. Let the sunshine in or keep it out. Trade in old windows and doors for those that are more energy-efficient. This can be as small as switching out your front door for one without a window to avoid heat getting trapped inside and costing you more in air-conditioning. Keep in mind that homes lose around 30 percent of heat/cool air from windows that are not energy efficient. Add a window treatment that’s also energy efficient.
  4. Walk on the wild side. You can also help the environment by choosing low impact materials. For example, bamboo flooring is not only eco-friendly, but looks beautiful. It is also good for a family with pets. Plus there are a bunch of other ways to use this sustainable material in the home, including furniture and décor.

It is always trendy in California to be conscious of our natural resources, but these tricks can also save a homeowner money in the long-term.

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