Intimacy: The Most Luxurious View by Interior Designer Monique Lafia

CBIOLA-COUNTRY-CLUB-PHOTO-4M_8460Photo: Mary E. Nichols

CBIORich-Schmitt-Photography-LA-timesI‘m often asked to create intimate spaces within large homes, oftentimes over 12,000 square feet. I recall an experience years ago at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui, with interiors by master designer James Northcutt, who choreographed cavernous rooms into cozy spaces. His trick? He moved sofas and chairs in “L” or “U” positions, arranged fascinating objects and accessories, and assembled large plants in stunning pots to create an indoor/outdoor atmosphere–a subtle way of connecting with nature. Suggestions to create intimacy in your rooms? First, arrange furniture so family and guests face each other. Second, create a reading nook with a chaise lounge or daybed and a soft, alpaca or cashmere herringbone throw. Third, select an interior color palette to mimic the adjacent outdoor landscape. Fourth, place large vertical plants in exquisite bronze or French sweater weave wicket baskets to fill the corners. And last, place a console table against a wall with upholstered benches tucked underneath and good artwork (perhaps the family gallery?) hung above. Intimacy, regardless of the room size, is about connecting. Furniture, accessories, and artwork, skillfully utilized, can easily and quickly turn a large house into an intimate home.