It’s the Day of the Dads!

Forget the necktie and cancel that order for the latest bestseller. Gift dear old Dad with what he really wants this year for Father’s Day – a chance to cut loose and spend time doing the things he enjoys with the people he loves most.

For the Brainiac

Investigate an escape room and allow Pops to show off his super smarts to the whole family. With him leading your intrepid team of de-puzzlers, the gang is bound to bond while working out the riddles and stumpers the experts have planned. With a variety of themes to choose from, he can fulfill his fantasy of being anything from an astronaut or adventurer to an international spy.

For the Connoisseur

Breweries and distilleries offer fantastic opportunities to visit their facilities as well as sample their offerings. Catching all the behind-the-scenes action will satisfy his curious, nerdy side while taste testing the end product will take care of his adventurous nature, maybe giving him a chance to check out something he’s never tried before. From suds and ciders to bourbons and rums, it’ll be fun for him to sip and savor his way through his special day.

For the Sports Fan

Give your favorite guy something to really cheer about – score tickets to a ball game or tournament. There’s always some kind of sporting excitement to catch this time of year, whether it’s a rollicking rodeo or just some good old-fashioned baseball. Get creative and think outside the box. Explore local venues for car racing, horse racing, dirt biking, tennis or golfing events to attend as a group.

For the Outdoorsman

Charter a boat for a fabulous day out on the water. Some quality time under blue skies reeling in one big biter after another might possibly be his idea of the perfect outing. With professionals in charge of the nitty gritty details, he’ll be able to not only hit the hottest fishing holes, but also have the constant baiting and messy clean-up taken off his hands, allowing him to simply sit back, relax and relish the experience.

For the Meat Lover

Book a reservation on Sunday for the whole troop at a popular steakhouse, or get him a gift certificate to use anytime. Perusing the menu, being able to select his own premium cut and having it cooked up just the way he likes it – without having to “man the grill” as usual – will be a rare, well-deserved treat.

Make June 17 as special as it’s supposed to be for the man of the hour. Plan something unique that the whole family can appreciate. The best gift of all is togetherness!

At the very least, it beats a necktie.