LEGENDS of La Cienega: Spotlight on Sheldon Harte

The most anticipated design event slated to descend upon Los Angeles next month, LEGENDS 2016, will illustrate the overarching theme, One of a Kind, providing 60+ designers the opportunity to showcase their interpretation of the uniqueness of design. Attracting gifted design and VIP tastemakers from across the country and around the world, it’s only natural to begin to ask, who are the legends behind LEGENDS 2016? Each week leading up to the event, we’ll sit down with one of the esteemed designers who will be illuminating the streets of LCDQ to get a behind-the-scenes look at the one-of-a-kind event, and more. Without further ado, let’s meet Sheldon Harte of Harte Brownlee & Associates.

BlogSheldon-Harte_portraitTell us a little bit about your background and how you entered the world of design.

I grew up in a Cliff May house in the San Fernando Valley with a fashionably dressed mother who used to take me antiquing with her. She had a strong influence on my aesthetic appreciation. In college I studied business and some design classes, and I worked for Cannell and Chaffin, a furniture chain. But I really wanted to arrange create beautiful room settings and beyond, and in 1984 I had the opportunity to partner with John Brownlee in Laguna Beach to create Harte Brownlee & Associates Interior Design. One of the pinnacles of my career was being asked to join the Laguna Art Museum’s board of trustees, which for me is a great honor as I have delved into contemporary art collecting over the past two decades. My career has been an amazing ride, and I’m very happy to be behind the wheel.

How would you describe your style of design?

Whether I’m designing a traditional or a contemporary home, my client’s lifestyle and taste are the top priority. I focus on quality, comfort, and adding a timeless quality to the interiors I design, so that my work withstands changing trends and styles.


What window will you be decorating?

I’ll be designing the north window for Jamal’s Rug Collection.

How long have you been associated with LCDQ/LEGENDS?
Since its inception!

What can you tell us about your window display? What inspired you?
This year’s One of a Kind theme inspired us. The design represents how every person is uniquely different and individual in their own way. Each person on this earth is truly one of a kind!

Which LEGENDS event are you most looking forward to?

The Gala. It’s such an amazing time for us designers and the community that the La Cienega Design Quarter has brought together in one large location to share our mutual excitement and admiration for the LEGENDS event, and celebrate the profound abundance of it.