MAGNIficent Modernism

Internationally acclaimed interior designer James Magni is renowned for his minimalist approach to design. Since arriving in Los Angeles during the 1980s, he was quickly recognized for his mastery of creating an ascetically beautiful and harmonious balance between objects, furnishings and art,with the surrounding environment of the residence. He excels at working with clients whose properties feature extraordinary vistas, and is faced with the challenge of curating a space that complements the view rather than competing with it. To create his symbiotic relationship, Magni pulls furnishings and rugs away from the walls, allowing them to float in the room and therefore feel ethereal. With this arrangement, the view naturally seeps into the space which then becomes a seamless indoor/ outdoor experience. Oftentimes when people walk into one of Magni’s homes, they walk straight out to the terrace or patio to experience the panorama – only afterwards do they walk back inside to experience the furnished space. To accommodate this, one must keep the pathway generous so guests can move through the space easily and comfortably. The view is always the focal point. As Magni says, “One cannot compete with Mother Nature.” Therefore, it’s most important to honor her by designing around the view and the natural environment.