My Illuminating View with Gerald Olesker


Singleton House, Richard Neutra, Bel-Air, 1964; renovation by Studio Tim Campbell, 2007; photo by Andrew Bush

Gerald-Olesker-crpdGerald Olesker, ceo of ADG Lighting, located in Agoura Hills and Newport Beach, designs and manufacturers custom lighting, architectural ornamentation and ironworks for estates, resorts and gardens. He’s illuminated $3 billion worth of real estate worldwide with elegant Parisian lanterns and Art Deco-inspired fixtures to contemporary pendants for a myriad of dazzling projects. His motto? “From curbside to poolside” so residents and guests are initially captivated, then drawn into the interior, and later, the outdoor environment as well. To artfully illuminate your home, consider the following: First, lighting must be functional. Address that aspect, then add the ornament! Second, design or select fixtures to complement the style, quality, and era of the architecture. Third, lighting is not simply a spotlight. It contributes to the essence of the space and should be considered an important element, just like the furnishings. Fourth, lighting fixtures which combine a mix of modern aspects plus traditional shapes often highlight spaces best. Finally, consider the interiors AND the exteriors simultaneously so the entire environmental statement is consistent in style and mood.