My Luxury Home Technology View by Josh Christian, Business Development Manager

CBIONeuschwanstein-CastleNeuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria



Technology is front and center in every aspect of our lives, particularly in luxury residences where it’s become a critical element for one’s enjoyment level. Homes have four technology sectors to address: #1-Entertainment (music, television, media rooms); #2-Controls (automation/”smart homes,” lighting, shade, heating & cooling, pool & spa, efficiency & conservation); #3-Communications (networks, Wi-Fi, telephones, cellular repeater systems); and #4-Security (alarms, cameras, gate & door access). Enter Axiom Design, a treasured resource for the world’s finest architects, interior designers, and general contractors since 1992. They know technology, how to hide it within a structure’s architecture, and most important, make it easy to use. However, Axiom doesn’t sell products, they only advise in a brand neutral, unbiased manner with no financial interest in the products selected. Homeowner’s needs are first and foremost. After a careful assessment, Axiom then recommends a range of suitable products and solutions. In addition, they offer services to familiarize homeowners with their home’s capabilities. Technology can be overwhelming; however, dive in because mastering it will make you the King or Queen of your Castle, and, increase your resale value!