My Luxury Weekend View With Suzanne Furst

Design: Suzanne Furst  Photo: Mary E. Nichols

Design: Suzanne Furst, Photo: Mary E. Nichols

Suzanne Headshot 2008 280 x 350Living in Southern California means wonderful getaways all year long–to the beach, the desert, or even the mountains. For those with weekend homes, or summer rentals too, thoughtful design aspects can make a big difference to the enhancement of your down time. After designing countless second homes, including my own in Malibu, I found that certain products work especially well. First, for fabrics, consider Perennials, which look like fine fabric, and faux suedes, which are easy to clean and maintain. Second, paint should be mold free and mildew resistant to protect interior surfaces from damp air. Third, for a myriad of reasons, the most practical flooring material is stone or ceramic. Terrific carpets include Stainmaster nylons, sea grass or hemp (wool can easily mildew and smell). Fourth, teak, resin, or stainless steel outdoor furniture hold up best–avoid iron as it rusts and deteriorates. Fifth, I love Trex for decking as it’s low maintenance and lasts forever. Sixth, large pivoting umbrellas over seating areas provide maximum sun protection. And finally, utilize Solar Shades inside to cut glare and reduce fabric fading without blocking your views. A few simple steps and you’ll enjoy your well-earned weekends that much more!