Our Luxury Renovation View With Interior Designer Michele Trout of Bonesteel Trout Hall by Bret Parson



mjh0536-2The Bonesteel Trout Hall design group believes living spaces should be designed for comfort and fun, classically orchestrated, and reflect the real lives of its residents. We like to use natural materials and the Southern California color palette often guides us. A few years ago, terrific clients purchased Harrison Ford’s Colonial Revival estate sited on a prime Brentwood promontory. Designed by architect Gerard Colcord as a one-story home in the 1950s, Mr. Ford brought Mr. Colcord back in 1983 to seamlessly add a second floor, further enhancing the privileged views. When the project began, we were delighted to realize that other than requisite updates, there was nothing architecturally to improve upon! Los Angeles is full of these gems designed by noted residential architects including John Byers, Cliff May, Paul Williams, Wallace Neff, and dozens more. When a home is thoughtfully designed, and quality materials utilized, few changes are ever necessary. Since the home was optimum to begin with, it allowed us to concentrate on crafting the comfortable interiors for a family of five in a record six months. The team also included the talents of contractor Otis Bradley, and landscape designer Christine London.”