Real Estate Headlines with Spotless Bathrooms, Live-In Boxes and Fireplaces


When do you know that your week is off to a good start? Probably right after you get your weekly dose of real estate headlines. So let’s get right to it.

When does it pay to refinance your mortgage?

This house looks modest from the inside, but wait until you see the inside.

House Beautiful has 8 things people with spotless bathrooms do every day.

You can actually live in a box in Oakland and pay for it.

As the weather turns a bit colder, how about a few fireplace design ideas to heat things up?

Good Housekeeping shares 7 ways to make your home smell amazing.

Could an $8,000 home solve Mexico’s housing shortage?

What are the 10 best cities for retirement in the U.S.?

And finally, 8 best friends built a row of identical homes for themselves and now you can rent them on Airbnb.