Remarkable LA Homes for Musicians

With the Grammys just around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to present our nominees for ultimate homes for musicians and music lovers. With extraordinary features including state-of-the art home studios, glamorous entertaining rooms, and even grand ballrooms where musical guests can take center stage, these exquisite properties are sure to strike a chord with any music lover. Take a look and decide who deserves the gramophone!

9505 Lania Lane. Beverly Hills
$195,000,000 USD


America’s most expensive home, Palazzo di Amore (Palace of Love), is an enormous 53,000 square foot mansion- the master suit alone is 5,000 square feet. The 25-acre property boasts 12 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, a vineyard, and a 27-car garage. Palazzo di Amore is the ultimate entertainment complex designed with a 50-seat theater, bowling alley, game room and ballroom/disco featuring laser lights, DJ booth, revolving dance floor, and expansive view of the Westside, Century City, and the ocean.

1120 Westchester Place, Los Angeles, CA
$3,678,000 USD


You may recognize the Alfred Rosenheim mansion, from its on-screen appearances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spider-Man, CSI Miami, Law & Order, Grey’s Anatomy, Californication and, most recently, American Horror Story. The perfect location for a scary movie, the gothic style home was built in 1908 and features tiffany stained glass windows, Italian brickwork, dark mahogany paneling, a cathedral ballroom that once stood as a chapel, huge basement, and world-class recording studio. Declared “Historical and Cultural Landmark #660” you can compose a musical masterpiece with true historical significance.

901 Oxford Way, Beverly Hills, CA
$35,000,000 USD


This stunning modern estate is situated in Beverly Hills, just north of the Beverly Hills hotel. Designed both for family entertainment and to experience the indulgences of a luxury resort, the outdoor living space is the highlight of the property. The expansive salt-water pool includes a sheer descent waterfall, color changing lights, and underwater music. So whether you are enjoying an afternoon in the media room, lounge, or just doing laps in the pool, you will never be without your favorite tunes.

22201 Carbon Mesa Road, Malibu, CA
$24,995,000 USD


This stunning six-acre Malibu property is unparalleled in design, craftsmanship, and location. The five bedroom, five bath custom home represents the best in luxury living with sweeping ocean views, Murano glass fixtures, Venetian plastered walls, and Italian stone floors. How could you not feel inspired when your music room has a majestic fireplace and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean?

We’ve showed you some of our ultimate homes for musicians and music lovers and now it’s time to let us know your favorite in the comments section below. If you are looking for a new home, click on any of the addresses for property details.