Say Hello to the Ring Video Doorbell

“Why didn’t I think of that”, comes to mind when you hear about the wildly popular Wi-Fi video doorbell from Imagine never worrying about missing a visitor, or delivery again with the Ring Video Doorbell. The device streams live audio and video of a home’s front doorstep directly to a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to stay connected to your home whether in the kitchen or across town. This clever idea is the inventiveness of Santa Monica-based But it did not come easy for California entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff, he has had his share of highs and lows, from being told “you’re dead to me” by Mr. Wonderful on the popular TV show Shark Tank to a $28-million funding by investors like Richard Branson; Siminoff (founder and chef inventor) of is out to change the modern home one doorbell at a time. Recently, I reached out for a Q & A with self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur Siminoff, to see what rings his bell.

“Why didn’t I think of that”, comes to mind when you hear about your product. We all walk in and out of our homes daily, and take the doorbell for granted, how did you come up with the concept of the “virtual doorbell”?

I came up with the idea for a Wi-Fi video doorbell when I was working in my office (which was located in my garage at the time). One day, while I was working in my “office,” I missed an important delivery because I couldn’t hear the doorbell from my garage. I looked down at my phone in frustration and thought “why can’t I answer the door from my  phone?” A serial entrepreneur and an inventor at heart, I was always pitching potential product ideas to my wife. But when I told her about my idea for a Wi-Fi video doorbell, she realized the device’s potential as a security tool, and that’s when I knew it had to be created.

How has the California demographic played a role in developing your brand?

Ring is all about the neighborhood. California has been a great testing ground for our products as it has a very diverse group of neighborhoods. This diversity has played a key role in the success of the brand.

Do you feel California is experiencing a modern day gold rush, with young creative entrepreneurs moving to the area with the next big idea?

That’s a great question; Yes, California is absolutely seeing a “gold rush” of creatives coming to build the next great company. It is a very exciting time to be an entrepreneur in California, having all these young, energetic, smart and creative people is very inspiring to me and we are lucky to have it all here.

Who is your role model?

I really respect Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Your current advertising campaign really caught my attention and has a California modern vibe, what audiences are you trying to target?

Anyone with a front door that opens to the outside world!

What 3 things do you never leave home without?

My iPhone (it is my keys, wallet and communication all in one).