Seven Simple Ways Home Can Say, “Welcome!”

 Whether inviting guests or potential buyers into your house, here are a few hints that will ensure they feel welcome– and right at home.

Lighten up

The driveway, path and front entrance should be well-lit and appealing, warmly greeting visitors immediately on arrival. This includes illuminating any stairs for the sake of safety, as well as your house number so your property is easy to find.

Set the tone

Think about some of the first elements you see as you approach your yard – the fence from the street, the mailbox out in front and the mat at the door. Basic maintenance and a bit of attention to details like these go a long way.

Strike a note

A trickling water feature or tinkling wind chime is a pleasant means of saying “hello” before guests even reach your doorstep. The impact this audible element makes is amazing, creating a tranquil atmosphere from the get-go.

Dress it up

Adorn the yard, pathway and porch with lively blooms in decorative pots or in the flower beds. Incorporating some greenery and vibrant color greets guests with charm and cheer.

Deck it out

Tasteful decorations that are season- or holiday-appropriate are a nice touch that will surely be noticed and appreciated. Just a nod to spring on a wreath or a wink to winter in the windows can up the ante on your home’s festive feel.

Keep it neat

A clutter-free walkway and porch is essential to exuding that “come on in!” vibe. Clear the path so folks don’t have to navigate around toys, bikes, shoes or gardening equipment en route to your doorbell.

Make an entrance

The front door gives a hint of the personality and character of a home. Painting it a bright color for accent, or in a shade that nicely complements the rest of the façade is a smart move. The door is like the smile on the face of your house – make it sparkle!

Take a step back and evaluate your property from an outside perspective. View your home with fresh eyes with this basic checklist in mind to see how you can take it from “good” to “gracious” in no time.