Small Space Storage Solutions

When it comes to storage, it seems we all could use a bit more space to tuck our everyday, accumulated “stuff.” To complicate matters, we must also make room for those items that we need, just not on a daily basis: holiday decorations, old photos, books, gift wrap and more. Especially when we are dealing with a smaller home, these things take up precious space, so they have to be kept out of sight…yet handy.

We can’t all be masters of tidying up like Marie Kondo, but there are certainly some easy, obvious steps that can be taken in getting yourself organized:

1.Pare down your stash (did someone say “yard sale?”).

2. Mount clever hooks, racks and other devices inside cabinets and behind doors.

3. Purchase a few handy, flat bins that can simply be rolled under the beds.

Then there are other options that will not only address the eternal storage space dilemma, but also appeal to potential homebuyers later down the line when you sell your home. These smart choices will up the oomph of your house’s showing power, particularly when dealing with less square footage, where little adjustments can make a big impact.


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Open Shelving

Cabinetry can be confining and obtrusive in a small kitchen. Besides being very on-trend, the alternative of shelving that is open and airy allows you to make a bold statement and make the most of every square inch of available space. Bonus: You will be more compelled to keep your things neat as a pin if they are on full display. Creatively grouped items such as stacked plates, pretty pitchers, nested bowls and inverted, dangling wine glasses essentially serve as decoration rather than mere kitchen essentials.

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Overhead Organizers

Whether dealing with a garage, basement or attic, even a tiny area can be converted into a carefully arranged storage haven. Ceiling-mounted racks of all shapes and sizes used in conjunction with various airtight bins and boxes can help get everything from winter sweaters (or summer swimsuits, depending on what’s off-season) to bicycles and tools up off the ground and out of your way.

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Closet Systems

Even if you don’t have the luxury of a walk-in closet, there are any number of shelves, rods, racks and cubbies that can be artfully pieced together to design the storage space of your dreams. Visit The Home Depot for endless collections of organizers with lots of possible configurations that will provide you with a place for everything, so everything will be in its place right when you need it.

The bottom line is that once you look around and really examine the space you have to work with—no matter how large or small—you will see there are innumerable opportunities to get all your “stuff” straight and organized…yet well within reach.