Spring Cleaning Made Simple

By now, the chaos from the previous year and lingering holiday pieces have piled up, surrounding you with a bunch of well … stuff. And while tackling crowded and cluttered areas of your home may seem like a daunting task, there are few things more rewarding than the annual clean which brings clarity, calm, and peace of mind (and place).

So if your closets are full, the mail is piled high, and countertops are overflowing, it’s time to spring forward with a good spring clearing. Don’t know where to start? We sat down with A Clear Path founder and president, Dr. Regina Lark to get the inside scoop on her top 6 clearing tips.

Here is a handy list that will get you on your way.

A Clear Path

Dr. Regina Lark

Assess: Make a list of all the areas that need help – don’t forget junk drawers and the stuff under the bed! Each area becomes an individual project. First, begin by prioritizing projects in the order of what’s making you the most crazy, these are the ones you’ll want to tackle first.

Calendar projects: You’ll Increase the likelihood of success by adding de-cluttering time to your schedule. If the task feels overwhelming, get help from a friend.

Letting go: It’s easy to identify the obvious trash items and other things you don’t care for, but what about the “treasures” you’ve been holding on to (and tripping over) for years? Make a pact with yourself: keep only the stuff that adds value to your life today.

But what if you might need it someday? Think it through. What’s the worse case scenario if you don’t have it? Is there a substitute for it? Can you borrow it? If you don’t live in the Adirondacks, chances are good that you’ll be able to replace it in the future if needed.

Have what you need to finish the job: This includes, boxes and bags for donations, recycle bins and trash cans, and also transportation for the stuff that will no longer be living in your home.

Be true to yourself: You don’t want to live in a cluttered space, it’s up to you to make the changes. Let this be the year to honor yourself!

Find more spring-cleaning tips at aclearpath.net.