Spring Has Sprung And So Has Your Chance to Get Organized

The arrival of a new season means it’s time for SPRING CLEANING around the house. Before you groan over the prospect of having to roll up your sleeves and dive in to the job, ease into things just by getting better organized with these basic tips and strategies.

Workspace Wonders

  • A series of rubberized HOOKS is a handy way to keep rakes, brooms and other long-handled yard tools off the floor and out of the way.
  • Designate one DUSTPAN and BRUSH just for the garage or shed, which tend to accumulate dirt more than other spots around the house.
  • A simple MAGNETIC STRIP above the tool bench will keep screws and drill bits together, orderly and accessible.

Pantry Pointers

  • Buy wire baskets to cleverly store canned goods SIDEWAYS so they are safely stackable without obscuring the labels.
  • Make the most of the otherwise wasted space BEHIND the door of the pantry to hold hooks, racks and other ingenious organizational tools.
  • Store rice, sugar, cereal and other like items in CLEAR canisters to keep track of the inventory you have on hand and help make re-stocking more straightforward.

Closet De-Cluttering

  • Install a shelf in the unused space ABOVE the door frame as a spot for those items you need only infrequently or seasonally.
  • Position the left and right shoe of each individual pair HEEL-TO-TOE to save a bit of extra space on the shelf.
  • Stack board games, purses and other clunky items in a HANGING shoe organizer on the closet rod to maximize that vertical space.

Living Area Advice

  • A BASKET by the entryways for shoes serves the dual purpose of making them easier to locate in a hurry and neatening high-traffic areas.
  • A hollow, lidded OTTOMAN in the family room is an attractive and practical hiding place for blankets and throws.
  • Keep a decorative TRAY on the coffee table or end table as a convenient catch-all for your collection of remote controls.

Once you’ve established a place for everything, with everything in its place using some of these helpful hints, tackling the bigger job of a spring cleaning overhaul will be a breeze.