The Best & Brightest Lighting Ideas for Your Smart Home

Adding smart lighting to your home can make life more comfortable and convenient and can ever lower your energy bills but if you don’t have a game plan it can also get a little pricey. Before you head out to buy a Sengled PulsePhilips Hue or Lutron Kit (three of our favorite products) take a look at this info packed guide.

Smart light bulbs are incredibly efficient in terms of lowering bills and consuming energy. Check out these incredible stats:


Smart lighting is a great way to make an improvement to just about any room in your home. A good idea is to invest first in energy draining spaces in the house like the porch and bedroom. Here are some other factors to consider…


Once you are ready to add smart lighting to your home the great debate begins! Switch out the bulb, the switch or both? Take a look at the different benefits…


Using a traditional light bulb is as easy as flicking a switch but there aren’t many benefits aside from actually lighting up a room. Smart light bulbs can boost your WiFi, play music and can set the mood in a room but they also take a little bit of learning. Here are some smart bulb basics…


So as you can see smart lighting can not only take a big bite out of your utility bill but it can also make life at home more convenient and comfortable. All that is left is picking the right bulb. Here are some helpful tips…


See the full infographic here. 

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