The Perks of House Hunting in Winter

Agents generally agree that spring and summer are the prime times of year to put a house on the market. That is when curb appeal is at its peak, with colorful blooms and healthy lawns to entice potential buyers.

So…how does that translate when you’re on the other side of the deal?

For home buyers, starting a property search in the winter boils down to three major factors that can be game changers when it comes to paying the price you want and getting a home you truly love.

1.  If a home goes on the market during the winter months, it’s likely that the owners are motivated sellers…whether this is due to a job change, family issues or other time-sensitive circumstances. As a buyer, this can work to your advantage and means you can possibly expect to have more wiggle room when it comes to making an offer, negotiating closing costs and discussing specific terms of the sale.

2.  Even though there may be fewer homes to choose from this time of year in a given area, there will also be less competition when bidding on those properties. Rather than the typical situation of feeling rushed into putting in an offer because you’re worried about competing bids, you will have more freedom to conduct your search at your own pace until you find exactly what you want.

3.  With less activity during the winter, you are more likely to have the undivided attention of the support team involved in the buying process. Being a traditionally slower period for the housing market, banks may be quicker to respond, and inspectors or contractors might be more readily available. There’s no denying that as dedicated as your agent is, he or she will simply have more time during the winter months to aid in your search.

So if you and your family are thinking about making a move, now might be just the right time to get going on that plan. Contact a Coldwell Banker agent today, who can start the exciting process of helping you start out the new year in a new home.