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5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

Want to liven up your Oscar Party? Celebrate the year’s best movies in red carpet style with the sweetest libations. We’ve curated a sampling of our top 5 award-winning cocktails just in time for your swanky affair. Take a peak at our favorites inspired by some of this year’s nominees for Best Picture.

5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

The Big Short- Sidecar Fizz

Dramatizing the economic collapse triggered by the build-up of the housing and credit bubble during the 2000s, we thought something bubbly with a hint of sourness would pair nicely with The Big Short’s plot line. We bet the zesty flavor and nice foam texture on top will be winning combination for your guests.

5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

Bridge of Spies- Moscow Mule

When an American lawyer James Donovan (Tom Hanks) is recruited to defend a Soviet spy in court, it unleashes a series of events that leads him to Berlin to negotiate the exchange between the spy and captured American U2 spy plan pilot, Francis Gary Powers. We don’t know about you, but we would definitely need a stiff drink after that Cold War exchange. Try this spin on the classic mule recipe.

5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

Brooklyn- The Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the story of Eilis Lacey (played by Saoirse Ronan), a young Irish immigrant who, in the 1950s immigrants to United States. Once settled, she falls in love with a first-generation Italian-American, but their romance is soon threatened by the Lacey’s sense of familial duty and ties to her homeland.

We’d be hard pressed to find a more fitting cocktail for this film than the Brooklyn. There are many versions of this beloved favorite, but we recommend using Irish whiskey and bitter Italian Amaro to best keep with the movie theme.


5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

Mad Max: Fury Road- Firestarter

Tom Hardy replaces Mel Gibson as Max Rochatansky in this reboot of the 80s classic. Surviving the apocalypse is no easy feat and we’re pretty sure Max wouldn’t turn to a white wine spritzer to quench his thirst. We’re thinking he ignites his mornings with a Firestarter.

1 part Fireball Whisky

1 part Dr. McGillicuddy’s Coffee

1 part Irish cream

Combine in a cocktail shaker with ice. Chill and strain into a shot.

5 Red Carpet Worthy Cocktails

The Martian- Vodka Gimlet

When astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets stranded on Mars, he’s forced to draw upon his ingenuity to find ways to stay alive on the hostile planet. His go to for food … potatoes. So to pay homage to the mighty starch, we selected this delicious gimlet shaken with Portland Potato Vodka instead of the traditional gin.

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