Upgrades that Keep your Home Clean

Robots that clean your gutters, swimming pool and even your toilet bowl aren’t from the Jetsons, they’re examples of real life smart home technology that makes life easier. Check out what’s cool with cleaning gadgets:

No need for Ty-D-Bol

Technology such as ultraviolet light, special ceramic glaze and electrolyzed water are incorporated in the design of an intelligent toilet. Heated seat, front and rear warm water sprays, and warm-air dryer make the bathroom experience a clean one.

Let a self-cleaning litter box save the day

Designed with a special sifting process that separates waste from clean litter, a self-cleaning litter box requires hardly any work on your part other than refilling the litter every week or so. Kitty will be glad you got it!

No more getting down and dirty in the gutter

No one wants to climb up on a wobbly ladder to clean out clogged gutters. You can either do it yourself, hire a professional – not cheap – or choose a high-tech alternative with a gutter-cleaning robot. Just use the remote control for hands-free cleaning.

Say goodbye to the pool boy

Robotic pool cleaners can do a lot of what you or a pool maintenance company can offer but for less money and aggravation. The robot brushes, scrubs, vacuums and filters your pool surfaces. Top-of-the line models can even climb up the pool walls to get the cleaning done.

Let’s not forget robots that wet mop, clean windows, scrub barbecue grills and mow the lawn. So, rid yourself of chores and keep your house spic-and-span by investing in the latest home-cleaning technology.